Teak & resin vase / utensil holder Tommy

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The Teak root material the we love so much and use for so many of our products because of its color and character does not always crossover to every item we want to make from it. In the case of a vase or utensil holder, the holes and voids in the material can sometimes prevent it from being functionally use for those items. We have solved this problem by incorporating resin into the mix and filling those voids with clear, black or colored resin. We apply 2 kinds of resin -epoxy for bonding and polyester for filling -into the cavities in the wood so they form one solid piece from which we can shape and form the contours of our design. Our craftsmen are very skilled at shaping the 2 bonded materials as if they were one as they carve out the shape they desire. Once basic shaping is done the wood is sanded and sanded and the resin is polished and polished until a flawless shiny surface is achieved. We apply some finish to the wood to seal it and the product is beautiful and complete. Shop online with us.

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